Friday, December 11, 2009

Theology of Work: More than just the usual

BUSINESS AS STEWARDSHIP AND MISSION is a three-day interactive Theology of Work course that affirms the God-pleasing purpose of all work (including business). The course covered three main themes: STEWARDSHIP of people’s gifts, corporate culture, power, circumstances, community resources, values and rewards; HUMAN DIGNITY - that God created men as decision makers; lastly, JOY - every person in the workplace who has decision-making authority and responsibility experiences joy because deep inside, man has the desire to pursue significant work and he finds satisfaction if this longing is fulfilled.

The first of its kind in the APPEND network, the Theology of Work Course proved to be more than just the usual APPEND transformation training.

In attendance is no less than the APPEND Board themselves together with their respective teams. This includes Mr. Rene Cristobal of TSPI (Board Chair), Mr. Rolando Victoria of ASKI (Vice Chair), Ptr. Philip Tarroja of LIFT (Treasurer), Mr. Vicente Geducos of HSPFI (Auditor), and Sr. Adelia Oling of PALFSI (Member). Also present is Ms. Leah Aguirre (KRCI Executive Director).

The executive management and key officers of KMBI, OK Bank, RSPI, TPKI, TSKI, and TSPI were also present.

Held at Christ’s Commission Fellowship, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City last 18-20 November, the TOW course had for its resource person Dr. Gwendolyn J. Dewey, Bakke Graduate University Director of Doctoral Dissertations and Professor of Research, Theology of Work, and Community Development.

Participants had more than just their fair share of what it is like experiencing real “Joy at Work”. Hear some of them speak below:

“(The most significant thing I learned from this course is that) God is fun!”
Honey Grace Catalan, KRCI

“Work is a ministry. It means what I am doing in my work gives me the opportunity to become the salt and light of the world.”
Michelle Orodio, KMBI

“I’ve always viewed clients and employees as the same: customers. The difference is that, NOW, I tend to see them as PARTNERS in kingdom-building.”

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